Resources for professionals

People with dementia and their caregivers would benefit from an educated and prepared workforce across all professions. With a better understanding of dementia comes compassion. A more dementia-competent workforce will help reduce stigma, increase acceptance, and enable those with dementia and their caregivers to live their best lives possible. Anyone working with the public should be given basic information about dementia, which will create safe and welcoming environments for all.

From employees to consumers, people living with the disease and caregivers are part of your world. We hope to provide resources that can help you strengthen dementia knowledge, find continuing education credits for your license, and support employees, employers and consumers.

Utah is part of the Dementia Friendly America initiative. If you don't see your profession below, we suggest you look at the Dementia Friendly Sector Guides.

There are many opportunities in Utah for you, your family/friends, business or community to become more dementia aware. Utah is part of the Dementia Friendly America initiative and our statewide partners offer a variety of education and classes. To find classes near you check the statewide calendar or contact your local Area Agency on Aging. If you would like to request a presentation or class for your business or organization, please fill out this form